Brand New Carrot On A String

by Darkness Dear Boy

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Brand New Carrot On A String is Darkness Dear Boy's debt full length album


released April 10, 2010

Recorded at Telekon Studios in Carefree, Az by Daniel Willett and mastered at The Blasting Room in Ft. Collins, CO by Jason Livermore



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Stalemate
-ted organ

Wrong answer to the same old question of “what are you on”?
I know the answer but I’ll ask again and I just can’t win
Any other fool around would have known by now
But it’s late at night and I got my sight on a merry go round

Something is always lending a nickel to my coiling doubt
Above the rain it’s always shining but in your heart it’s pouring down

No I don’t need a sign- I can see clearly finally
Standing out in the dark with my shoulders behind me
I’m holding out all I know just for you
Holding out all I know just for you to (destroy) <-- second chorus only

Do yourself a civil justice and settle down
Your moral fibers are showing signs of splintering
Friends are falling for your treats but not for long
Picture this a perfect night where you belong
Track Name: Today
-ted organ

Today- I don’t wanna feel this way
Don’t wanna be afraid
Can’t look the mirror in the face
Don’t wanna fail me tell me how I’m gonna get myself right outta this haze

Today- Feels like knots tightening
Don’t know who I’m supposed to be
Somehow there’s gotta be release
Don’t wanna fail me tell me how I’m gonna get myself right outta this maze

Hey look away
It goes away
It’s OK
It’s OK

Today- Reads like a Roman prophecy
Feels like a perfect storm brewing
Truth is not what I wanna believe
Don’t wanna fail me tell me how I’m gonna get myself right outta the way

Today- I don’t know who’s the enemy
Don’t know what they want from me
The more I know the more I disagree
Don’t wanna fail me tell me how I’m gonna get myself right outta the race
Track Name: Get Off Me
Get Off Me
-ted organ

I’ve got a migraine from this daydream
It’s kinda insane the way things clutter the inseams
Words are heavy and they're binding
I’ve got delusions of grander for miles with high beams
On a night that I’ll remember- two rooms, one flat, back east, November

Nothing comes easy, but it’s easy
To discount all the hunger that’s been burning inside me
I need you to be with me
If I coulda done it myself I woulda believe me
On a night that I’ll remember- two rooms, one flat, back east, November

It’s frightening, I frighten myself
getting all sentimental strapped into my seat belt
winding down the interstate line
Driving through the desert with more than on my mind...more than on my mind

How did you find me I’ve just been minding
My affairs in the dark and walking around blindly
I finally found it in me
To release all the pieces that were binding my daydream
On a night that I’ll remember- two rooms, one flat, back east, November

Awe man this might be just what I need
A slap in the face and a kick in the psyche
I'm slightly under-jaded cuz I'm back in the game and contagious with changes
On a night that I’ll remember- two rooms, one flat, back east, November

All my time and focus has shifted an apathetic mutiny
Not this time, I’m bailing myself out- I don’t need your company
There’s you talking and wearing my hearing out right fucking all of the time
Here’s goodbye and thanks for the ride mister know that I’ve got
More than on my mind...more than on my mind
Track Name: Knob
-ted organ

Transistor radio knob
Find me an angry song
Make it dark so I can sing along
Nothing so sweet has ever vaccinated me

Attenuated, loss, grief, shock, insecurity
Depression butterflies buzz by incessantly
Mortality awake there’s nothing left to take from me

Mouth left with words unsung
Barbells hang on every single one
Colors about to become undone
Tell it to my face wait let me light an escape

Driven to the night light
searching for that stimuli
venerably shy, no pride, less an alibi
synapsis contrived yo this baby’s gonna be mine all mine

There’s something to be said about living life upon the edge
A backwards point of view when your face is in the sand
Absurd is the stand that what’s left is all we had
There’s nothing left to say when you’ve lost everything (everything) you had

Transistor radio knob (4x)

We’re all, we’re all, yeah we’re all wasted in a line to loose it nothing left but music, nothing left but music- (nothing's let but music) this baby’s gonna be mine all mine
Track Name: Fireflies
-ted organ

Like an ocean, like a cannonball
Mother Nature tamed the animal
Mass production, individual
Canvas cover over another one

I’ve seen it all go down
like so many other lonely nights I’m waiting
Like pavement curing in the neon light

Rusted sky, Dusty nails
Don’t even try cuz I’m on top of it
Fireflies, Masquerade
Not to worry now cuz I’m not far away

In a stucco wall, like a patch of clouds
I can find a face, can’t figure out
it seems to me that there’s an excess
of people don’t have any outlets
Track Name: Dominos
-ted organ

When all that tomorrow had to offer disappeared
I looked into the past to find what matters isn’t clear
Life’s little mysteries only apply to those who care
It’s hard to march to the beat now when the drummer isn’t there

Don’t tell me what is right
After all I’ve heard tonight
Cuz I finally see the light
And it’s darker than a bad dream

Every little thing I do it crumbles ooh like dominos-
Try to keep it all together and it falls (fallin, fallin)
Every time I speak I stumble ooh like Cyrano-
I’ll keep my unremitted love here on the shelf

Each night that I’m with out you is like a tear dripping off of a candle
Forming a swirl of memories that gets lost in a wax puddle
Don’t want to be a visitor that walks right through this life
I want to assimilate each day and be here all the time

Traded my glasses for a candle laced with ashes
And a brand new carrot on a string
Today’s just a little bit colder than it’s ever been
But I’m still glad I met you

All into...every time I think something is real it disappears
It’s like trying to soothe your deep dark pain with fear
Track Name: Terminal
-ted organ

Yesterday is on my mind
I find it hard to find
Shelter from this time
Left you in a holiday
How could I just walk away
I go back to that place
Held you tight in the hallway door
Watched a tear as it hit the floor felt pain in the terminal

Something's wrong with the sun
The night seems to last way too long

See the world from a tainted lens
Where nothings too relevant
I spend my days in bed
Yesterdays so far away
I wish I could’ve stayed
I wish I would’ve stayed
Now you’re rolling in compliments
Smiling so brilliant
I can’t get over it
Track Name: There
-ted organ

When I look back on my life
One thing always just seems right
Whenever I want to find you- you were always there

Without wings to hold me in
Without being inquisitive
Whenever I want to find you- you were always there

Need you now just like before
Now I need you even more
Whenever I want to find you- you were always there

In my life there’s certain people who bring me down and all in circles
And I know that you’re the one who takes the time to look for details
Magnet eyes that hold you hostage, look away and cause disasters
And I know that you’re the one for me...I’m nothing without you

When I break down on my knees
When I can’t fake simple things
Whenever I want to find you- you were always there

When I need to vent some steam
If I just can’t fall asleep
Whenever I want to find you- you were always there

Need someone to comfort you
Need someone to hold onto
Whenever you want to find me- you know that I’ll be there
Track Name: Dog In A Manger
Dog in the Manger
-ted organ

You quit talking to me
But I liked it
you get so angry that your eyes pops out their sockets

Then you turn to me
Just like a rocket
You say your deal & then you’re right back out the door again

Just when I think
I’ve got you figured out
You change the channel & my head right back up in the clouds

You don’t know what it’s like
I think you just want to fight
You can’t hear me crying
It kills me when you feel so away

I tried to tell you something but you wouldn’t let go
I tried to jump up and down but there aint nowhere to go
Sometimes I tried to make a difference but you always say “No”
I always find my baby crying at the sight of me
There’s somewhere someone waiting for a chance to let go
But if there’s room for navigation then the feeling start to grow
So take your bags I take my junk and we’ll head right for the door
But before we leave we’re coming right back inside for more

It’s a problem that
You me all too well
You push me buttons down
With out having no sweat at all

I never meant to make it
Come out so crazy
You say you’re happy as long as I’m so fucking far away

Some may say that
I’m holding on too tight
Nothing that I do ever seems to turn out right
Track Name: Lavender
-ted organ

Cajoled, you baited me inside
Looked right past my eyes
Whispered chills that ran up and down my spine
Like there wasn’t time enough for all that’s right

Control, like magnets intertwined
You talked to me in stride
Walked right through the callused battled field
where my feelings lie inside of all that right

Just a little too high, how’s the view from up there
For a little while let me see what its like

What’s the use in healing when it’s all I ever do
Pain can be so soothing when it’s all that you’re used to
If you wanna take a number I’ll be lavender and blue
Waiting for a moment to take my time with you

Afraid, of what it could be like
With a roof that’s made of sky
You talked me into closing my own eyes...
To the world outside of what were livin in

Escape, from everything inside
No consequence to hide
You had me drinking down your words like wine
I can feel them on my mind and through my body